Maximize Your Scheduling Process


How is your scheduling looking these days?  Is it collecting dust or partying like a rockstar??

Speaking of calendars, are you even using yours? Or are you using a fab DIY system you patched together with 3 to 4 platforms that are each costing you between $10-20/month...EACH! 

Recently, I came across a post in a Facebook Group asking one of the many repeat questions I see: What online appointment booking, payment, and client management system do you use for your clients?

There were quite a few responses with Acuity or Calendly.  I chipped in with my two cents that Acuity was the Top Choice for my clients, shared a couple of cool features and a link to my page to provide an example.  There was truly some great feedback on that thread.

And commentator added this:

I agree that acuity can be great for scheduling. Personally f(business management services) I use Calendly and Zoom and Zapier. Zapier automation are so great because it sets up my call in Zoom, Calendly puts the call in my Google Calendar, it's an automated process.

Wonderful!  Love it when others share their processes!  BUT....I knew that there was a better way without using 4 separate platforms connected by a "patch" (Zapier).... PLUS this process wasn't utilizing some of the time saving functions within Acuity for the very same price.

I hesitated for a few, as I really didn't want to come off as correcting anyone, but it's truly my mission to make sure my clients have ALL the information in front of them before they make process commitments  or waste time and money on every new system out there.  So I jumped in and shared that all of the above could be done within Acuity + no more spending your time or having a VA send out the Zoom appointment links since Acuity would do THAT for her too!  Plus much, much more.....

*Mic Drop*

I just couldn't let it go. Sooooo ultimately, that was a long winded way of sharing my *NEW FREE* Training on the Acuity Scheduling platform that I just felt compelled to create and share after that post.  For all of you who are on the fence about what scheduling system to go with OR who are already using Acuity, but are ready to maximize it's capabilities, save time and money....this is for YOU!!

Grab your Free Training today at the link below!

Xoxo, Chelle

Chelle Weech

Chelle Weech is an Online Business Manager & Funnel Builder, speaker and magic making mama to three amazing mini me's. Chelle takes a calm and compassionate approach with no-nonsense strategies that empower entrepreneurs to engage successfully in their business and reclaim control of their life. Her primary passion is empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what matters by building streamlined systems and getting the 'ish done that's bogging them down.