Top 3 Reasons we choose Acuity

Still on the fence?

Check out our TOP 3 reasons we choose Acuity every day of the week and twice on Sundays!

1) It's CHEAP!  Seriously....if you are a Squarespace user (it's actually FREE!), but until October 16th (PRICE INCREASE COMING!!!) a standard Emerging Entrepreneur account is only $10 a month.  Now, you may be saying, "But my current scheduler is only $10 a month...."  Well, let me introduce you to Reason #2.


2) You can accept payments and set up payment plans for services right in Acuity.  YES!  Charge for a strategy session (using Stripe) right in Acuity without having to hook up yet another third-party checkout cart.  If you aren't following me on this one....then that means Acuity is PERFECT for you! Seriously, Keep It Simple Sexy!

And our most FAVORITE reason...

3) It integrates directly with ZOOM. Shut the Front Door!!!! So, if you use Zoom for client calls and you find that you or an assistant is creating new zoom links for each appointment and manually sending them to each client....then HALLELUJAH Acuity is here to save the day.  You can literally connect Acuity with Zoom and tell it to automatically set up a Zoom meeting with whatever appointment types you want and send the link out to the client whenever you'd like!  All Automatically!  

Acuity training embed.png

If that's not enough reasons, well here's one's PRETTY!  Customize the fonts, colors, and add your logo...then embed it right into your website.  


Save Money,
Save Time + Look Fab!
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Xoxo, Chelle

Chelle Weech

Chelle Weech is an Online Business Manager & Funnel Builder, speaker and magic making mama to three amazing mini me's. Chelle takes a calm and compassionate approach with no-nonsense strategies that empower entrepreneurs to engage successfully in their business and reclaim control of their life. Her primary passion is empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what matters by building streamlined systems and getting the 'ish done that's bogging them down.