Stop Hiding Your Opt In

For the past year, I have been working behind-the-scenes for an incredible array of leading female entrepreneurs.  Never heard of me?  Well, that's totally on purpose of course!!  It's my job to make my clients shine from way back behind the scenes.  Freeing up their time so they can focus on what they do best. Me...well, I prefer the keyboard side of my laptop personally. :)

However, the BIG flipside to being behind-the-scenes all the time is that I hardly had time to work on my own business.  Raise your hand if that sounds like you. (I see you!)  Whether you're a business coach, strategist, project manager, Spiritual coach, copy writer, or something else are so knee deep in helping your clients achieve greatness with your services, that sometimes your own stuff slacks.  Well, this past month I decided that this approach was not only not helping me.....but it wasn't helping YOU either!  

So here we's time to STOP HIDING!!!

STOP putting off that opt in box!!

I recently mentioned in a Facebook post that I had made one small tweak to my website that increased my list dramatically in almost 24 hours.  Seriously, mine is a cinderella story when it comes to lists.  See, for the past year, while I've been helping my clients with their funnels, list growth and bottom line increases....I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to build my own list. You read that right!  I didn't even have an email platform for people to sign up to. can stop shaking your head about now and take another sip of that tea. :)  

My solution: Sign up for Active Campaign (one of my favorite low cost CRM's for clients with low to medium sized lists) and just start with the basics (the same basics I, myself, teach)!  I got myself signed up, made my first list, 3 opt in forms, and 1 automation.

Next, I dropped them into the TOP banner on almost every page on my site. I mention this because I can't tell you how many websites I look at every day of potential clients or people who reach out with questions or to "pick my brain", and the VERY FIRST thing I see is their opt in box WAAAAAAAY at the bottom of their site, or on the sidebar of their blog, or simply no where to be found. 

Stop Hiding Your Opt In!!!

This is quite honestly the most simple tweak you can do and it only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish (if you are starting from scratch)...maybe a smidgen longer if you're a perfectionist like me.  Seriously though, this is the NUMBER #1 thing you can do TODAY to start building and increasing your list. If you have traffic to your site, then stop hiding and start capturing it!

Xoxo, Chelle

Chelle Weech

Chelle Weech is an Online Business Manager & Funnel Builder, speaker and magic making mama to three amazing mini me's. Chelle takes a calm and compassionate approach with no-nonsense strategies that empower entrepreneurs to engage successfully in their business and reclaim control of their life. Her primary passion is empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what matters by building streamlined systems and getting the 'ish done that's bogging them down.