PROBLEM: Your Google Drive looks like a 17 year old boy's room.  There's no organization, files randomly everywhere and you have to type in the search box to find anything. Sound familiar?

It doesn't take long for online entrepreneurs to amass large quantities of digital and electronic files.  From downloads and videos, to pdfs and client documents.  They can pile up quickly into a giant mess if you don't put some organization in place.  Don't worry - organizing your files does not need to be complicated or time consuming.  It's actually pretty simple.

SOLUTION: Sort up your Google drive into two folders (Business & Personal). 

There are a couple different options for file storage.  Our team uses and recommends Google Drive as part of the Google Suite.  You can get started with a free google drive account attached to your personal Gmail, or sign up for the Google Suite to grab a professional email based on your domain name and you'll get all the Google products, including Google Drive.

Google Drive is simple and user friendly, and can color code your file folders. :)  So how should you organize your party palooza of files?  Check out how I organize my Google Drive below.

In My Google Drive, I have six folders: 



  1. Clients - this is where I store a folder for each of our agency clients where they can share content with me and my team.
  2. Coaching Clients - this is where I store confidential files and recordings for 1:1 Coaching Clients.
  3. FBOBM Course Files - this is the main back up location for the course material of the Fully Booked OBM for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers.
  4. Business Files - which is where I store accounting files that are shared with my CFO.
  5. Personal - this is where I store all of my personal files.
  6. Products for Sale **Do Not Touch** - this is where digital products are stored, both the shared files that purchasers have access to (like Actionable Operating Procedures) and backups that are stored in Teachable, like the Tech Library.  

This is one example of how you can easily sort your files into a system that makes things easier and faster to find and manage.  You can set up your folder system in whatever way that makes practical sense for your business.  Remember to right click on your folders if you like to color can select from rainbow of happy colors!

Scared of your current electronic filing system? Don't really have an organized system where you can find your files? Not sure where to start?

Let us create a solution for you!

Chelle Weech

Chelle Weech is an Online Business Manager & Funnel Builder, speaker and magic making mama to three amazing mini me's. Chelle takes a calm and compassionate approach with no-nonsense strategies that empower entrepreneurs to engage successfully in their business and reclaim control of their life. Her primary passion is empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what matters by building streamlined systems and getting the 'ish done that's bogging them down.