How To Repurpose Your Facebook Lives

Today I'm going to show you how to download your value packed Facebook Lives so you can repurpose them in your blog posts, emails, courses and products.   

You spend a lot of time cranking out engaging content in Facebook Lives - why not repurpose it in a productive way?!


The process is actually pretty easy!  

  1. Finish your Fab Facebook Live

  2. Find your Facebook Live in your newsfeed, page or group

  3. Click the Date (right under your name)

  4. In the Address bar of your browser (URL bar) - select the "www"

  5. Replace it with an "M" and hit enter (this will take you the mobile version of the page)

  6. Click the Play button to start your Live

  7. Click the Pause button to pause your Live

  8. Hover your mouse over your Live video and right click

  9. Select "Save Video As"

  10. Type in the name you want to save the file as and select where to save it to (My Documents or Desktop)

  11. Click Enter and your Facebook Live will auto-download to your computer

And Viola!  

You're ready to edit your video, add your creative touch and upload it to a platform for reuse such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dropbox, Wordpress or countless others.

Have fun!

Chelle Weech

Chelle Weech is an Online Business Manager & Funnel Builder, speaker and magic making mama to three amazing mini me's. Chelle takes a calm and compassionate approach with no-nonsense strategies that empower entrepreneurs to engage successfully in their business and reclaim control of their life. Her primary passion is empowering entrepreneurs to focus on what matters by building streamlined systems and getting the 'ish done that's bogging them down.