Stop Struggling and Start Skyrocketing!

Master the top platforms, book high-level clients, and launch your VA or OBM biz into the stratosphere!


Introducing... Fully Booked Online Business Manager

This is the ONLY program that combines comprehensive business strategies AND in-depth technical training specifically designed for Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers!

Through 12 comprehensive modules and a HUGE training library, Fully Booked Online Business Manager equips you with tutorials on over 30 platforms, a members only private Facebook group, and countless video trainings, PDF’s, and worksheets! (Why spend hours researching yourself when you can learn directly from experts who’ve BEEN THERE?)

This isn't some lame, cookie cutter, plug and play, program. You’ll get clarity on your unique business focus, your why, and create a marketing plan that fast tracks your success and sets you apart from the pack!

This means that you're not just getting nuts and bolts, you're getting the mindset and psychology to create big success.

80% of success is in your head, 20% is systems. We've got you covered on both!


Want to know my favorite part of this program?

It GROWS with your biz. As you build your empire and develop new skills, this program will act as your faithful sidekick, always there to help you uplevel and expand your skills and knowledge base!

Wanna know how we do it? Check our modules below!

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MODULE 1- Get in a success state of mind

  • Learn the distinct differences between VA and OBM.

  • Plan to up-level and set the foundation for your biz.

  • Create your 6 figure mindset by uncovering beliefs and busting through false stories you’ve told yourself about money and success.

MODULE 2 - Build a website that turns heads!

  • Develop or redefine your brand so that it's authentic and something you are PROUD to share!

  • Discover how to target your ideal client. You don't want to work for everyone. You want to LOVE who you work with, and hand pick them.

  • Get to the heart of your ‘why’ and write an incredible about page that connects with your dream clients and inspires with your story.

  • Know exactly what needs to be on your website and how to format it to grow your list, turn heads, and get clients you LOVE!

MODULE 3 - Get your systems on lock!

  • Set your VA or OBM biz up for success by having the right systems in place!

  • Understand how to price yourself and whether you need to be charging hourly, by project, or on commission.

  • Get the scoop on the best scheduling systems for you and your clients.

  • Learn the ins and outs of preparing and sending contracts.

  • Understand which payment and accounting systems to use and HOW to use them.

MODULE 4 - Market yourself like a pro!

  • Optimize your website for max conversions using the best opt-in placement and retargeting.

  • Write Facebook Ads that attract your dream clients with ease.

  • Learn organic marketing strategies like blogging, Pinterest, and Instagram to attract tons of raving clients.

  • Create a legit Facebook business page and know how to curate it for yourself and your clients. Start or grow your Facebook group (if you're into that kind of thing) and learn how to effectively manage your group.  

  • Discover how to create sales funnels that convert.  Even if you rely on FB for leads, funnel strategies are important if you want to expand your reach and launch new products! (All these skills can help your clients too!)

MODULE 5 - Onboard without going overboard!

  • Don’t get bogged down with your intake process! Build standard operating procedures for you and your clients with easy to use swipe files.

  • I'll walk you through all the advantages of using the Google Suite.  Organize your business and your client's inboxes, Google drive, and master all my calendar tips and tricks.

  • Gain access to all of my on boarding and operating templates and swipe files for Client & Project On-Boarding.

MODULE 6 - Hire your dream team!

  • You're about to be overbooked (it's true!), and that means hiring a team! Understand how to work with a team and be a great leader.

  • I'll give you my own company's application process, so you know who to hire, how to interview, and best practices to integrate them into your business.

  • Develop your system for managing and working with your team using Asana, Trello, Teamwork. **Includes access to copy my Trello boards right to your account**

MODULE 7 - Uplevel your web design skills!

  • Get access to our extensive library of Squarespace tutorials so that you know how to create your website, edit your client's website, and do cool things with HTML code.

  • Is WordPress your worst enemy? Well, I'm here to make it your bestie. Learn how to create, edit, add plugins, the whole shebang!  

  • You'll also learn how to add platforms to your sites like AddThis and LiveChat to help you and your clients convert more browsers into buyers!

MODULE 8 - You’ve got mail!

  • Learn the tech and strategy behind every email service provider and CRM including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Convertkit, and Simplero.

  • This is one skill that once you add you can seriously increase your pricing!

MODULE 9 - Going live in 3, 2, 1!

  • I'm walking you step by step through the top webinar platforms (live and automated) including Webinar Jam, Everwebinar, Webinar Ninja, Google Hangouts, and Zoom. If your client wants to run a webinar, you'll be fully equipped with all the options and tech to back it up.

  • Access our Successful Webinar Checklist! You and your clients will be online stars in no time!

  • Learn how to embed a Google Hangouts into your website and add a chat box via Chatwing under it too!

MODULE 10 - Be part of the IT crowd.

  • Understand the tech and strategy behind top membership site platforms: Teachable, Pilot Press from Ontraport, and video settings via Youtube and Vimeo.

  • You're also getting access to tutorials on AccessAlly and ProgressAlly From Ambitionally. There are only a select number of people who understand this platform, and now you're going to be one of them. Can you see the dollar signs yet?

MODULE 11 - Sell, sell, sell!

  • Discover how to create highly converting opt-in and sales pages in Leadpages, Ontrapages, and Clickfunnel.

  • Access our Sales Page Creation Checklist and build sales pages that convert like crazy!

  • BONUS: Get an inside look and application of one of the hottest platforms out there right now - Deadline Funnel! Learn how to set up user specific timers on sales pages and in email funnels.

MODULE 12 - Learn to THRIVE!

  • Learn exactly how to put EVERYTHING together to successfully run your biz.

  • Get access to top advice on accountability, responsibility, ethics, and self-care. (Necessary ingredients to create your empire!)

  • Understand how to work autonomously and use sound judgment so that you're a driving force that most entrepreneurs only dream of becoming!

  • Make firing clients and saying ‘no’ empowering. You're meant to work with people who light you up!


Also Included.....THE TECH LIBRARY

The Tech Library is a large resource of step-by-step video tutorials on over 50 PLATFORMS! Who is this Library for? Literally anyone in the online service industry (virtual assistants, online business managers, project managers and new online entrepreneurs starting with DIY!)  Don't have the budget to hire assistance, but not sure where to start?  Let us walk you (or your team) through how to use the following platforms:

  • Canva for Work, PicMonkey

  • DocuSign, EchoSign, HelloSign

  • Wave, Freshbooks, Paypal/Excel, Stripe, Moonclerk, SamCart

  • Calendly, Acuity, You Can Book Me

  • ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, Simplero, Ontraport

  • Wordpress, Squarespace and valuable plug-ins

  • Leadpages, Ontrapages, Clickfunnels, Deadline Funnel

  • Smarterqueue, Meet Edgar, Hootesuite

  • Webinar Jam/Everwebinar, Webinar Ninja, Google Hangouts, Zoom/zoom webinars

  • Sweet Process, Google Suite, Zapier

  • Asana, Trello, Teamwork

  • Ontraport Pilot Press, AccessAlly, ProgressAlly, Teachable AddThis, LiveChat

  • AND MORE!!! Plus, these tutorials are regularly updated to keep up with the constantly changing technology!

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Bonuses Galore!

  • The Powerhouse Mindset Mastery 8 Module Program, by Ariel Frey - This mini-course is designed to help you uncover deep rooted beliefs and transform them for big results in your life and business. It’s also taught by one of the industry's leading business strategists and intuitive success coaches! Not too shabby!

  • Unicorn Copywriting, by Hollie Tkac - Hollie Tkac is a copywriter and copy coach who supports entrepreneurs in unleashing their messages through their words and taking massive action so they can get paid to do what they love!

  • Making Legal A Part Of Your Biz, by Genavieve Shingle Jeff - Legal shmegal. Don’t let ‘legalese’ get in the way of your biz success. Genevieve will help you make sure you’re protected!

  • Get Visible and Get Clients - By Krystal Clark - Learn from one of the top visibility and attraction experts on how to build your online visibility and attract even more clients you love.

Are you ready to uplevel your biz, make the money you deserve, and build the life of your dreams? Then, it’s time to invest in yourself and your future!