Welcome to your foundation process!

Thank you so much for reaching out to the CWC team for more information on bringing VIP operations support into your business.  Our highly trained team specializes in ongoing VIP support for high-achieving entrepreneurs and online business leaders with seamless operations, efficient team management and the inspiration to scale your vision beyond your first success. 

After years of providing operations support behind-the-scenes for a variety of clients ranging in volume and revenue, we have found that it's incredibly beneficial for the entrepreneur if we step in first by building a solid foundation that we can all continue to build upon as we grow together.

We 100% understand that by the time people reach out to us, most need help, and need help now. However, we've found that by gradually stepping in with a clear scope of work and solid standard operating procedures in place, that we set the entire team up for success.  By jumping in too soon, we tend to see longer onboarding periods with an increased change for errors, which leads to frustration for all parties.   

By allowing us the opportunity to get to know your business first hand through this process, we also take the guess work out of "What am I paying for?" and "What's included in my support". This process allows us to provide an accurate proposal for the support that YOU need.  You don't need to pay for what you do not need!

It is always our goal to be one step ahead and lead with stellar service in everything we do.  We can't wait to get started! 

FOUNDATION PROCESS (10 business day completion)
One time investment: $997

+ CALL 1: 60 minute call where we chat through each program, system, process and talk about what's been working and what you would like to see moving forward.  We also want to hear about future goals that you are working towards so we can get an idea of what's on your horizon that we should be anticipating in our evaluation. We will schedule Call 2 at this time.

+ ACCESS: You provide us access to all your platforms so we can log in and review settings, processes, volume and get to know your business.

+ CALL 2: 60 minute call where we will review questions that we came up within our evaluation (and we usually have quite a few)

+ DOCUMENT: We document all processes and procedures via google document/video and create a Central Operating Manual in your Google Drive.  You will own this! 

+ UPON COMPLETION, we provide you with a walk through of the Central Operating Manual and a calendar overview of all daily operations with a summarized support proposal.

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So, skip the trial and error and hire the pro's behind multi-figure launches and clients rockin' multi-figure businesses. 

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